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Sildenafil Prevents Rebound Pulmonary Hypertension After Inhaled NO Withdrawal

Repercussion pulmonary hypertension can be safely and effectively prevented in infants beingness withdrawn from inhaled nitric oxide (NO) therapy by incumbency of a I dose of enteral sildenafil at the test time period of the weaning activity, new absorption results indicate.

The change of response pulmonary hypertension is an important and common difficulty during removal of inhaled NO in the pediatric ICU, note learning investigators in the November takings of the American Axle of Respiratory and Critical Care Practice of medicine.

There is anecdotal indication that viagra may prevent the sudden indefinite quantity in the pulmonary arteria pushing upon NO leaving, Dr. Lara Shekerdemian from the Canvas Children's Infirmary in Melbourne, Commonwealth of Australia and colleagues written report.

"Sildenafil acts by replenishing the body's levels of cyclic GMP -- the body's own nitric oxide," Dr. Shekerdemian noted in comments to Reuters Welfare. "The lungs usually produce batch of cyclic GMP, which helps to criterion the pulmonary thoroughfare pressures, but the levels of this naturally fall during artistic style with nitric oxide. We hoped that a dose of sildenafil would serve to replenish the levels of cyclic GMP, and so prevent repercussion."

To test this, the investigation team randomly assigned 30 ventilated infants and children receiving 10 ppm or greater inhaled NO, to 0.4 mg/kg of sildenafil or medicinal drug, given 1 hour before playing NO. All but one somebody completed the field.

"Our results demonstrated very convincingly that snatch, which occurred in over two-thirds of children who received medicament, was completely prevented with a 1 dose of sildenafil," Dr. Shekerdemian stated.

All patients who failed to wean were electively given sildenafil during a subsequent weaning try more than 24 work time later and were weaned successfully from NO artistic style.

"Also, and of great grandness, we found that children who were given sildenafil, subsequently spent less time on the breathing apparatus, and in intensive care," Dr. Shekerdemian said.

"We would recommend that, unless there are any contra-indications to gift viagra, that this should be considered in all children weaning from nitric oxide in the pediatric ICU," Dr. Shekerdemian concluded.

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